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Overview of EBD

Emotional Disturbance Disability Fact Sheet
Educating Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders 
Academic Achievement of K-12 Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder
Reducing Behavior Problems in the Elementary School

Good Behavior Game

GBG Manual
The Good Behavior Game Implementation & Procedures Workbook

Resources for Instructors to help Students Academic Responsibility
Students’ Academic and Self-Management Resources
Example 1 and Example 2  – Academic Log – To help students keep track of their assignments and when they are due.
Example 3 – Homework Excuse Note Help students be accountable for homework that hasn’t been turned in when due.
Example 4– Student Tardy Log
Example 5 – Self-Monitoring Feedback Log –  Monitor and Record On-Task Behaviors and Academic Preparation for Different CTE Classes
Example 6 –  Self-Reflection Guiding Questions
Example 7 –  Assignment Log
Example 8 – Assignment Sheet

Resources for Instructors to help Students’ Behavioral Responsibility
Example 1 and Example 2 – Instructors and students can use to monitor good/bad behavioral choices (Red/Green)
Example 3- Behavior Log – Monitor and record student’s behaviors and consequences
Example 4 –  Monitoring and Recording appropriate and inappropriate behaviors by CTE Program of Study
Example 5 – Self-Reflection Essay for Students Requiring Parents’ and Students’ Signature
Example 6 – Instructor Tardy Log
Example 7 –  Instructor Feedback Log – Monitor and Record Student On-Task Behaviors and Academic Preparation for Different CTE Classes

Examples of Incentives For When You Catch Them Being Good!
Best Attitude Certificate
Blank Gift Certificate
Hall Pass
Proud of You! Award
Great Job Performance Award
Homework Coupon
Job Well Done! Award
Thank You Notes

Peer Tutoring

Citizenship Rules
Individual Point Sheet
Point Sheet Example
Point Sheet

Web Resources

Free Resources

Free Downloads

Parent Resources

Involvement in the IEP Process
Overview of the Good Behavior Game
Overview of Peer Tutoring
Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Violence and Disasters


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