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Tips for Trainers and Users

  1. As users peruse the material they might find certain topics are more relevant to new teachers versus more experienced teachers, for e.g. the Definitions or just the Examples instead of the other chapters.
  2. To aid in this regard the modules are organized into chapters and users can choose to view only relevant topics.
  3. We recommend the following guidelines for each module to be used at workshops.
    1. The entire site does not have to be viewed in one day.
    2. Again, consider your target audience and choose to show relevant topics.
    3. Include a pre and post test to examine level of learning (refer to pre-post tests included with the module).
    4. Use evaluation surveys to provide feedback to the CTSP Center (refer to evaluation surveys provided with the module).
    5. Refer to the FAQs provided to answer participant questions. In the case of further clarification forward questions or concerns to the CTSP Center alongwith participant contact information so that we may address them in a timely manner.
    6. The CTSP Center will not provide professional development credits from in-service workshops. This will be the responsibility of the organizing entity.
    7. The organizing entity  is responsible for all print costs associated with material distribution.
  4. The online materials are available for distribution free of charge. TEA Copyright restrictions apply.
  5. Direct learners to the toolbox for additional references, handouts and resources:
  6. Click here to download the training manual in PDF Format


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