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Dr. Mahadevan: As Dr. Lockridge mentioned we want to ensure that you use any of the assessment approaches we’ve given to you today to ultimately match your students with the career cluster that’s most appropriate for them. Career cluster is an occupational category that is specifically recognized in Texas and there are 16 of these clusters. For example, a career cluster such as agriculture and natural resources, a career cluster such as business and finance, or a career cluster relating to technology and information. Eventually we want to ensure that you put your students on a path way that will ultimately lead them to success in that career cluster and that that career cluster is based on their suitability in terms of interest, personality traits and all the skill sets etc. that we’ve talked to you about in this earlier module. We want to ensure that the career cluster that you determined for your student is something that they will be successful at potentially after high school and continuing through life. Career cluster also has prescribed curriculum and pathways. So at the eighth grade level and all the way through the twelfth grade level they have given you a set of courses. Core course as well as electives that eventually you can get your student to take and then ensure that they get a certification or a qualification within that career cluster. The two main references that I can provide you with to find out more about career clusters, of course our toolbox, but also the website that is specific to career clusters in Texas and the nation website which isĀ


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