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Special Education Definitions

I do not understand the difference between Special Education and Inclusion.
What is Vocational Adjustment Coordinator? How is it different from CTE?
What are the specific definitions of deaf and of hard of hearing to be classified as having a disability?
What students qualify for services in Special Education?
Can students who have epilepsy qualify under IDEA?

ARD / IEP Issues

Does Content Mastery service cover electives or is this just our district polity that disallows this?
Why are all students not in need of extra services?
Why can't these kids be IDed for us at the beginning of the school year?
Why can't we have more aides? Why can't we have more planning time?
How does the ISD determine the need for an aide?

Accommodations / Modifications / Standards

If a student who qualifies for Special Education does not do his work can he fail the class?
Define accommodations and modifications.
Can a teacher be forced to feed or toilet a student who cannot care for him/herself?
Can I get more information on the case of the regular education teacher who got sued for not following modifications as outlined by the IEP?
Why do I have students who are served in SPED included in my classes with no modifications marked on their paperwork?

Instructional Strategies / Methodologies

Where can I find more teaching strategies to address students with AUTISM and ADD?
Can you please repeat your definition of "fair"?
I am not appropriately trained to teach students who are mentally retarded. Special education was not a part of my degree plan. Where can I turn for resources or ideas to teach these children?
How can we meet the needs of students with disabilities without slowing down the rest of the class?
How can we successfully teach an articulated FCS course with special population students?

Placement Decisions

In order for a student with disabilities to be placed in a CTE program it was required that a CTE teacher had to be present at the ARD. Is this still part of the law?
Our principal told us that CTE teachers will, next year, have one class each that is all Special Education. That way we can modify that ONE class to meet their needs. Is this legal?
Can Students with Emotional Disturbance, who are usually self-contained, be mainstreamed?
Can students "fake" a disability to stay in SPED because its less work?
If 65% of your students qualify for Special Education services and "they" tell you that you cannot have an aide, what are your rights?

Additional Special Education Concerns

How can I speed up the paperwork of our students with disabilities?
Why do we have so much paperwork to do on special education students, when in fact that money could be spend on educational tools?
Special Education has money, why can't we have more help?
Do you know of any services available to students who are drug abusers, alcoholics, panic/anxiety disorders, have obsessive compulsive disorders?


How can I get the FAT CITY video regarding what it feels like to have a Learning Disability?
How can I get the Walsh video explaining Section 504 for my district?
Are there updated studies or innovative techniques for teaching TBI students?
Are there FCS materials available for special needs students? Especially in Personal and Family Development and Nutrition and Food Science?
Why are SPED/Inclusion teachers only assisting in the academic courses and not in CTE?

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