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  Isn't UDL just for students with disabilities?  
No.  All students are different with different abilities and motivations.  While UDL does help accommodate the needs of students with disabilities, it also removes learning barriers for all ...

  Is there legislation that calls for the use of UDL?  
Yes. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 and the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 have provisions for Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning.

  What is the role of CTE educators in UDL implementation?  
CTE Educators can promote the use of UDL by: Serving on CTE Advisory committees and encouraging school districts to purchase curriculum materials that incorporate UDL principles. Adopting UDL prin...

  How does UDL help guarantee students equal opportunities to learn?  
A Universally Designed for Learning course is planned with diverse learners in mind.  That is, applying UDL principles to lesson plans, materials preparation, and assessments planning, allows tea...

  Can I design my own universally designed materials?  
Absolutely.  However, you should not feel obligated to "reinvent the wheel".  On this site and many others there are examples of excellent materials that can be used or adapted for use in mo...