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  How should a collaborative relationship occur in the ARD?  
This relationship should focus on a results-oriented process that has a coordinated set of activities to help the student meet their postsecondary goals, lends itself to looking very closely at the CT...

  Who should be present in the ARD?  
CTE teachers should be part of the process that develops IEPs for Special Ed students. If the teacher of record does not attend the ARD meeting they should be involved in the pre-planning for the curr...

  Should business and industry representatives participate in curriculum planning? Work based learning? Accommodations and Modifications in the ARD?  
If appropriate, these representatives may participate in all the activities mentioned.

  Should work based learning experiences for special population’s students be tied to industry standards?  
If the ARD determines industry standard are appropriate for this student. Work-Based Learning (WBL) is an effective approach in delivering career and technical education and training to youth with dis...

  Please describe how CTE Teachers can meet the needs of special education students in CTE programs.  
Career and technical education has long been an option for preparing youth with disabilities for productive employment. However, most of these programs in the past relied heavily on simulated work exp...