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Please describe how CTE Teachers can meet the needs of special education students in CTE programs.

Career and technical education has long been an option for preparing youth with disabilities for productive employment. However, most of these programs in the past relied heavily on simulated work experience in classroom settings. This approach has not led to productive employment in integrated work environments for many students. In fact, the outcome often has been sheltered employment in segregated work settings. The skills acquired through classroom or simulated work experiences do not generalize to typical work settings, and therefore do not meet the goal of post school productive employment for youth with disabilities. When career and technical education and training occur primarily through classroom or simulated settings, youth with disabilities do not acquire social skills normally built through interactions with colleagues and coworkers. These skills are critical to long-term employment success. CTE WBL experiences are an excellent way for teachers to help students with disabilities connect the ‘why’ of education to the ‘how’ of education.

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