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How should a collaborative relationship occur in the ARD?

This relationship should focus on a results-oriented process that has a coordinated set of activities to help the student meet their postsecondary goals, lends itself to looking very closely at the CTE courses, which are coordinated and sequential, for students whose postsecondary goal is to go into a specific trade or career path after graduation. There are several things that must be considered during this process. They include:

  1. What does the student want to do after graduation? 
  2. What are the strengths, preferences, and interests? 
  3. Are CTE courses the appropriate route for the student? 
  4. How can students be accommodated and still achieve to industry standards? 
  5. How can CTE and Special Ed collaborate to meet the standards of each program? 
  6. Will all Sp Ed students be required to meet industry standards? 
  7. If not, how should this be handled? 
  8. What if it is possible to meet the standards but not at the same pace as others?
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