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Career Assessment Definitions:

Interest: The existence of a strong preference, attention, or curiosity about some occupational, vocational, or career-related activity or area.

Aptitude: A combination of abilities and other characteristics, whether native or acquired, that is indicative of an individual's ability to learn or develop proficiency in some particular area if appropriate education or training is provided.

Work Value: The goal or objective sought through work-related behavior, for e.g. recognition, status, money, social support etc.

Personality: Refers to an individual’s emotional make-up and stability. Such traits as anxiety, sociability, assertiveness, leadership skills, extroversion or introversion can either enhance or impede career progression.

Career Development Issues

Career Beliefs: Career beliefs are assumptions people make about themselves and what they must do to succeed in the world of work.

Career Maturity: Career maturity is defined as having definite career choices, making consistent choices over time, and making choices that are realistic.

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