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Accommodations and Modifications in CTE Classroom Instruction

What is the difference between an IEP meeting and an ARD?
Who should be a part of the IEP/ARD team and meeting?
Why are students with disabilities in my regular education classroom and not in the special education classroom?
What is IDEA?
How do students qualify for services?

Career Guidance - Tools for Practical Applications

Career Assessment Definitions:
What employability skills are employers looking for in their new employees?
Why should we consider the results of career assessment?
What makes a career assessment package successful?
What is career assessment?

Building Successful Partnerships

Please describe how CTE Teachers can meet the needs of special education students in CTE programs.
Should work based learning experiences for special population’s students be tied to industry standards?
Who should be present in the ARD?
How should a collaborative relationship occur in the ARD?
Should business and industry representatives participate in curriculum planning? Work based learning? Accommodations and Modifications in the ARD?

Best Practices: CTE Teachers Role in ARD Meetings

How can I help make sure that students placed in my class have the appropriate basic skills?
What can I do if I believe that a student with special needs has been inappropriately placed in my class? Who can I talk to about the student's progress or lack of progress in my class?
Where can I find information about what modifications or accommodations I am supposed to implement for a student?
Who can I ask to find out who the diagnostician is for my campus?
Where can I find information on the student’s present levels of academic achievement and functional performance (PLAAFPS)?
Where can I find information about what modifications or accommodations I am supposed to implement for a student?

Accommodations and Modifications III

How do I assist students with disabilities in my classroom without taking too much time away from other students that may need my help?
How can I help students with disabilities complete tasks independently?
How can I design my classroom instruction so that students with disabilities can participate in the same activities as those students without disabilities?
How can I make technology accessible for all students in my classroom?
How can I allow additional time for a student to complete an assignment and keep other students in the class on task?

Working with English Language Learners

If I have students read much and often in English, will that help them learn vocabulary?
How long does it take for someone to acquire a new language?
Why don't students take a year from regular schooling and take English immersion classes, so that they can perform better in my class, and other classes?
I find that most ELLs are not that interested in learning English.
How much additional planning and time does it take to prepare lessons and teach them to English language learners?

Universal Design for Learning in CTE Instruction

How does UDL help guarantee students equal opportunities to learn?
What is the role of CTE educators in UDL implementation?
Can I design my own universally designed materials?
Isn't UDL just for students with disabilities?
Is there legislation that calls for the use of UDL?

Effective Classroom and Behavior Management

Given the general chaos in CTE classrooms it is hard to catch my students being good. Since frequent praise may be more effective if it is specific, any tips on how I can become a better 'good behavior catcher'?
Some students finish assignments early and begin to engage in inappropriate behaviors. How can I prevent this from happening?
What are some general strategies I could use at the beginning of each class period to improve student behavior?

Working with Students with EBD

Shouldn't students with EBD know how to act in school?
What are some types of EBD?
What kinds of behaviors have been positively impacted by the Good Behavior Game (GBG) in classrooms?
What is the main benefit for teachers who use the GBG?
Do students always have to take turns during peer tutoring?
Besides peer tutoring, what other instructional strategies help students with EBD?
Can strategies that benefit students with EBD benefit my other students as well?
Does peer tutoring work well in large and small classes?

Comprehensive CTE Program for Serving Special Populations

Where can I get more information on Advisory Committees?
Where do I access the tools to inform IEP/ARD committees about my program? All the CTSP recommended tools are available below:
How can our school develop articulation agreements?
How can I get involved in a Career and Technical Student Education Organization (CTSO)?
Many of these initiatives require additional funding. Where can we get those funds?
What is the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services?
I am interested in beginning a Professional learning Community at my school. How do I get started?
What are the National Standards of Practice for establishing academies?

Encouraging Student Resilience: Practical Strategies for CTE Teachers

How can I make sure that the expectations I have of my students are being effectively conveyed early in the year as well as throughout the year?
I know it’s important to keep parents updated on what is happening in my classroom, but I have so little time. What are some practical ways I can communicate with parents that are not time consuming?
Where can I learn more about trauma-informed schools?
Why is it important to consider what is causing misbehavior or a lack of engagement in my students before I react to them?
I am responsible for so many students, I’m not sure I have the time or energy to get to know all of them. Why is this so important?
What other resources can I access to build resilience in my students?
What are some specific behaviors that I might notice in a high school student who has been affected by trauma?
What kinds of non-verbal behaviors should I be aware of in interacting with students?

Best Practices in Career and Technical Education

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