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The CTSP website has a new training module titled, “Encouraging Student Resilience: Practical Strategies for CTE Teachers.” Featured in this module are approaches that teachers can use to support students who lack resiliency and may have difficulty engaging in the classroom. The training module features instructional videos that highlight the do's and don'ts of teacher-student [...]

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A high school diploma, at the very least, is critical in order for individuals to compete in the workforce. An Issue Brief from the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) states that when students drop out of high school they not only lack employment skills but are also at risk for a number of [...]

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In today’s workforce employees must be competent readers. No matter what their future job, students must know how to effectively read and understand a variety of materials to be successful in today’s workplace. Skills such as identifying the main idea, skimming for information, and being able to use information to find solutions to problems are [...]